‘Shades of blood hum lighter’



Shades of blood hum lighter through the chainless thief

Morphing his hands from the shaking red rock and leaf,

All which chisel his toothless chin weaker

All which stand him upon the pupil of a seer

Made blind by a circular reel of grief

Coating itself in crimson tissues imitating Lethe’s tear.




Four years he carved nature into spine.

He gauged eyes for the womb’s breath and brine,

Wept vulgarities to turn the sweet lip bitter,

Lead crown-less hunts to worship a sitter

Refreshing the ocean with echoes of a scars chime,

The last unseen wind to forge a stair.




Embryonic oaks swing from the handles of a bird’s throat at noon.

Thoughtless of maggots, he rekindles some flesh to coon

And rub flesh to fire for the reasoned curse.

The penny’s are hollow in the salty purse.

With bulbs which melt to fizzy sap the colour of the moon

An age erects, in electric soil, to be pinned or dissolved by a nurse.




The ship capsized because it could see an upturned stone

Or the sea swallowed the deck to fold in more waves alone.

Ink stains each direction as it’s churned to foam,

The plastic hammer’s neglect their warm home

And genuflect in sparky bouts to the shadowed nails of a coffin,

The nails devouring purple streams to bone.




Shades of blood hum lighter in the chainless thief

And the serpent rots beside the chest in disbelief,

The vision submerging hornless gods unto meat.

Unconvinced that he can conform himself deceit

The wandering sphere hardens nails to a heart’s beat,

The beat running sideways from it’s unformed feet.


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