𝑅🍑𝒷𝒾𝓃 𝑅𝑒𝒷𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽

Four Sister  ♥ Starlet ♥  ☆ Mom Judy ✴✶

F Fire warm entertaining my Mom the singer-performer
O Out of control loving who you are not a care in the family
U There's always an underlining No Jack Shinning My Mom
R Quite the resister amazingly
Starlets of sisters with special talents
In the picture, My mom Judy is to the left with the dark hair
My father purity of love the words in my video his war picture.
S Sensational we define four amazing lips like wine
I How I commend you, Sisters and starlets introduction
S Super sexy seduction but playful they love to sing
T Time for bathing suits the sisters' waves fit the figures
E Energy eyes how they evolve mystery of sisters to solve
R Robin, she named me nature girl seeing the true sisters stars
S Serene sound Four leaf clover Sisters safe lucky ground
T Timeless Loveliness Forgiveness Sisters share a bond
A Art Deco dress Starlets of jewels "EYES" rule
R Ravishing Inviting Four sisters Sun shining
L Let's entertain they loved to perform Judy Garland
E Enveloped in a love poem Sisters like hustlers
T Tune of Andrew sisters the radio Mom and her sisters
S Something got to give they all know how to live
M Magnificient Artist deviant Starlets necklaces of garnet
O Outstanding dresses they talk with truth no confesses
M Miraculous Sisters SUPER-califragilistic Monet
J Jeweled up my moms turn she shines divine
U Utmost what Judy host how many songs she sings to post
D Divine devils food cake digging into banana splits
Y Why did she leave me we must believe there's a reason
She had Alzheimer's really sad she didn't know me anymore
She is close to my heart I love looking up at her starlet
She is always around me. Hi Mom I love you

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