Reprisal (by: eddy styx)




oh, that she were here

to witness...

my exquisite pain

and suffering.

the agony

I feel

when her voice


upon my ear.

the touch

of her gaze

glancing over my being

how she did move me,

now gone

to another's side.

a swift

kick in my

smoldering pride,

but I shall watch

as she dies


at the telling

of his ultimate lies.

she shall burn

with the shame

of exposure!


  • rrodriguez

    dark indeed.... wow, fine description of reprisal...

    • Candlewitch

      dear rrodriguez, thank you for your input!

      ever, eddy

    • Louis Gibbs

      "the touch of her gaze" ... "a swift kick in my smoldering pride" ... brilliant lines, Cat! Love this one.

      • Candlewitch

        thank you for picking out favorite lines, that means a lot to me!

        ever, eddy
        *hugs, Cat

      • Fay Slimm.

        A telling word you chose chose for the title dear Cat - love some of the phrasing which shoots from your lines of dark retaliation.

        • Candlewitch

          thank you, Fay...glad you enjoyed it!

          ever, eddy
          *hugs, Cat

        • malubotelho

          This is great dark and genius. Applause to Eddy.

          • Candlewitch

            thank you, malu!!!

            ever, eddy

          • Goldfinch60

            Reprisal is the name of the game today, eddy and Hood should get together to plan their revenges.

            • Candlewitch

              dear Goldfinch,

              we often do 😉 thank you for reading and commenting!

              ever, eddy

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