Every day I kind of wonder when it will be over.

Summers getting too hot winters getting even

colder. But shit im done waiting! This life is my

canvas Im going to start painting. How 

much do you want it and what does it mean

to you? That's what he told me. I used to put

myself down but that was the old me. Im the clay

and its time to mold me! Pain numbed me down

to my weakest point. I didn't feel in my soul 

I didn't feel with my joints. But now I feel it 

I see my enemy is me and im ready to Kill it.

It's going to be strange. Only i got the power to make 

my change. Im going to become the most evolved version of 

myself and that's final. You are going to see it waiting on my 



  • orchidee

    You painting there? Painting your canvas of life?! I tried it, but found I was using invisible ink! doh! heehee.

    • Dakota


    • chinaaliciarivera

      I liked it. 💗 💕 🌌 😊

      • Dakota

        Thank you very much :)

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