Samreen Chowdhury

Mental prison

improsenment of the mind is what I face.

tormenting thoughts I cannot escape.

the battle of my life is taking place. 

There is not enough space,to ease my hearts pace.


i have conversations with suicide,I keep rejecting the honour to have an insight.

i had a dream that my ways were getting better,suddenly perfecting. It's just a lie that hurts. 


Thoughts of you visit me during my weakest moments 

promising me you can make me free from torment.

i dangerously flirt with your cutting smile, it's just an hallucination, a doom of an delusional experience. 

Just an image of your dark style. 

Im searching my mind trying to find something positive to focus on.

i catch a thought but it doesn't last for long. 

Loneliness has taken its toll

emptiness has scarred my soul. 

Thoughts of you never cease 

and each day of my life feels severely incomplete. 


  • chinaaliciarivera

    Writing can help release pain. Good write. Keep it up. ❤ 💗 💕 😊

  • Mugsdaddy

    Beautiful write great flow really just a beautiful piece.

  • Samreen Chowdhury


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