The mind of a terrorist is one of selfishness.
Throughout the course of their thinking right
before committing a terroristic act, the only
person a terrorist is thinking about is themselves.

Their own Personal Thoughts and Beliefs convince
them to commit an act birthed from Hell. They're
not thinking about the lives of the people whom
they choose to kill. They're only thinking about

their own life, and, Free Will. Money Is... The Root
of All Evil! Many terrorists feel a lack of Power! There
are people all over the world that never feel financially
secure no matter how hard they work; every second,

every hour. Their people are not Financially Elevated.
Some, living on lands that are devastated. There is lack
of Stability. Unceasing need! Endless work! Wealth isn't
evenly enjoyed all around the world. Many a people

have more than others. Some lands have been stripped
of wealth. The very wealth of the land has been stolen
from under the peoples feet. Many don't have food to
eat. Terroristic acts are about Beliefs, Money, Financial

Standing, Public Standing, Control and Power, and
the Perception of Power. Many times terrorists feel
Powerless in the eyes of family, friends, loved ones;
and Powerless in the eyes of Society and the World!

They seek Recognition, Even Fame; Acknowledgement.
Acknowledgement that they exist! No, they don't want
you to acknowledge their facial features. They want you
to acknowledge their personal struggles! Many times

terrorist hide their longstanding problems. There is a
seed of Anger and Hatred that sits there inside of a
Terrorist Mind, Festering into a Diseased State of Being:
bleeding into a Darkening Heart! They feel that people

don't notice them, don't acknowledge their struggles,
and so they seek to rip lives apart. Whose life? Your
life, my life, and the lives of many! Many times people
look upon another and see a problem; but they don't

wish to tackle with the struggle that exists within! Yes!
It is easier to do nothing! And in the Absence of Human
Compassion, People are left in a feeling of Downward
Spiral and Festering Pain; Stress and Strain. There is

uncertainty of one’s own ability to thrive, and survive.
Survival! That, is the struggle of the people. And The
Struggle IS GLOBAL! And "Until nations Learn to step
outside of themselves and their own lives" and Into

The Lives and MINDS of others All Around The World;
and Seek to Know your friends, but most importantly,
seek to Understand Your Born Enemies! There's a
high Probability Many A People... will Die. It is
the Result of a Terrorist's Mind!


- China Alicia Rivera


  • WL Schuett

    Good thoughtful writing China though I believe religion plays a big role also

    • chinaaliciarivera

      Thanks WL Schuett. Yes personal beliefs do play a big roll. 💗 💕 ❤ 😉

    • LukeCoomer

      This is great and it shows you have a big heart! I don't necessarily agree with what the definition of a terrorist is but I love your poem just the same

    • Samreen Chowdhury

      Good write!!!

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