Disrespectfully nice

Inner thoughts

inner thoughts have been running through my mind

Inner thoughts of running out of time

Inner thoughts of a world I've yet to see

Inner thoughts of what is to become of me

Will I fail or will I succeed

Will I be able to create a better life where am I going

My biggest fear is that I will be on the streets and homeless

Inner thoughts of death make my heart race

Inner thoughts of laying in a casket with my mother looking at my face 

Inner thoughts of not being able to make her happy

Inner thoughts of her not believing in her son or that I can't make things happen 

It scares the shit out of me because failure is a step to being unsuccessful 

Inner thoughts in my mind that I can't stop thinking about it's so stressful 

I need guidance in a world where instructions on how to live are bought

In a constant fight with never ending inner thoughts

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