Consumed with: Santita & Hood

co-write: eddy styx, Santita & Hood


traveling by moon cycles
resting by "full" so bright,
making plans by "waxing quarter"
choosing a victim by "half's light.
in the complete darkness of "new"
I wet my appetite!

The pitch black of night gives me an electric thrill
The moon has guided me to my next succulent kill
This is my time to fulfill my every dark urge & need
I frantically hunger when my victims start to bleed

Under a crimson sky filled by a blood moon’s stain
Wreaks a sinister figure; drenched in his own pain
Life so precious; taken in the flash of ice cold steel
Enriches & excites the figure; makes him feel real

Under a crimson sky filled by a blood moon’s wound
Stands the man of death; in solitude he’s consumed
The price this night is to be someone else’s quick death
Takes in the stench of blood; not a pause in his breath

a pair of dummies, this couple
spooning on a park bench.
unaware of my presence,
striking out, I gut the wench!
marinating in her own blood
but I, too am drenched.

I'm ready for the foolish man since I cut his lady first
The scent of his dire panic fuels my raging thirst
A deep slash to his neck; my knife is dripping red
I tenderly place a soft kiss upon his lifeless head


  • malubotelho

    A beautiful expression of murder and horror. An essay for Halloween I suppose. Great collaboration between the three of you.

    • Candlewitch

      dear malu,

      thank you! and from the three of us, happy Halloween 😉

      ever, eddy

    • Goldfinch60

      Very dark write but it had me hooked.

      • Candlewitch

        thank you so very much, Goldfinch!

        ever, eddy

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