Friends Can Break Your Heart

It seems only yesterday,
We were braiding each other’s hair
And sharing our secrets.

It’s so strange,
We brush past each other in the hallway
And sit next to each other in class
But don’t say a word.
I had never heard silence quite so loud before this.

Neither of us knows what to say
But who would?

Thoughts race through my head,
Should I ask how your sister
Is doing at university?
Or if you ever painted
Your walls in that bright turquoise?

We pretend like we don’t know
Every single little thing
That lies in each other’s mind.

When really
At one point
I could predict
The next thing to come out
Of your mouth.

That day I saw
How you slowly began to replace me.
Overtime it was like
We never existed.

Don’t you know friends can break your heart too?


  • Accidental Poet

    I too have seen friends fall by the wayside. It's sad, but as they say,
    "As one door closes, another door opens"
    So look for that new door to open. Quite possible that new door was the door you opened in coming here to MPS. You are among friends here, friends who like you, write poetry. ; )

    • skyebellasario

      Thank you AP, since we stopped being friends I found a group of friends that were 10x better so you are completely right 🙂

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