The Circle of Inspiration

Accidental Poet

It influences us all
From young to old
Dark and light
And timid to bold
Round and round it goes
The circle of inspiration
It touches you and me
And between us grows admiration

through my circle of friends,i am inspired to write .
they give me so many choices to choose from,the inspiration is endless,and writers block never visits here...

It comes from a thought, from a sound or from nowhere,
It takes me by surprise
like it was always there
If I don’t get the pen
it takes over my ground
jumps, turns and plays
my attention calling to be found.
Happily I give my hand
turn my mind into silence
It drops itself, word by word
no need for more guidance.

As the sun rises from the dark
Thoughts come into my mind,
Come into my soul.
They flow through my pen,
Alight on this page
So all can see
The beauty of words,
The beauty that words can create
Can create for all.

I came here to join,
This talented crowd,
Reading the words,
As I say them out loud.
Inspiration is in every,
Sentence I see,
Even though at times,
It tries hiding from me.
So others will come,
As we gallantly write.
Inspiration was just hiding,
Away in plain sight.

This is all going to come off the top of my head
As I'm on the spot to think of all my inspirational poetic friends.
My fear you all take,as you read the thoughts of my hearts wake
The understanding I receive by taking in all of yours
Makes a ripple affect that will end, connecting with every soul
Knowing our purpose is to just help one another be whole

An idea born, to a thought conceived
To its meaning, I too had been deceived
Spray it all down in ink, ride the wave
This feeling of writing, one we all crave
A bond we hold together and forever
One we must never forget or sever

Inspiration is there
A true poet hears it
A true poet sees it
A true poet smells it
No landscape is ever hidden.
No subject is beyond words.
Nothing evades the poets pen.
Michael Edwards

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  • Accidental Poet

    Great job everyone. Thank you all so very much for adding your part to this write that I was inspired for when I left a note to one of you. I love how you all picked up on the idea of this write and make it as beautiful as it is. I'm honored and thankful to write among you all. ; )

  • Jhe

    an exciting, inspiring, and valdating read ~ well done everyone !!!

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