A home held tight

So vivid, so clear.

I feel you right here.

So many tingles,

as she whispers near.


I cannot tell you,

what she said!

since those words,

are stuck in my head.


Going through the motion

of setting sight on squeaky.

I instantly trust my notion,

since the signs were freaky.


She hovers but a few feet,

like an angel from the sky.

I walk up and give her a hug

and my soul begins to fly.


Venture into lands,

now well known.

A place of beauty

to call our own.

and yes.

In your hand too,

I found a home.


Can't bare the pain,

Can't bare the fight.

So please dear gods,

tell me I'm right.


A home held tight

on our last night.

How I'll never forget

my beautiful sight.





  • squeakyfluff

    thanks tepo. hope you have a great day! 🙂

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