The Key

Her smile it comes when life is strange

aware of every subtle change

a bullseye hit on every range

my ever watchful mum


a builder of the strongest walls 

the fixer of my daily falls

go off to decorate some halls

the legend i call mum


she had her helpers this i know

directing the entire show

i got to reap each seed she'd sew

my ever watchful mum


i never will forget the day

an April shower washed away

the needle from the stack of hay

the legend i call mum


still every now and then i see

a sign she's never leaving me

she gave me life and holds the key

my one and only mum





  • Angel G

    Beautiful tribute to mums... and moms ;) everywhere Tepo. You're a brilliant writer! Xoxo ❤️

    • tepo

      thats a wonderful thing to say
      thank you very much

    • FredPeyer

      I just wish I could have read this poem to my mom when she was still alive. It is beautiful, tender, and so full of love.

      • tepo

        thank you Fred
        very kind as always
        really appreciated

      • Christina S

        What a beautiful dedication to your mother! So beautifully written in a way that only you can.

        • tepo

          thank you
          lovely comment again

        • Fay Slimm

          A wonderful tribute in such pleasing rhyme - - good mums are worthy of beautiful words and this read just catches the meaning of love's key.

          • tepo

            ta Fay
            appreciate it

          • Martina Lynch

            Fantastic tribute to your mum great write tepid.

            • tepo

              thank you martina
              very grateful

            • Goldfinch60

              Wonderful tribute to your mum, and all mums.

              • tepo

                thanks Goldfinch
                appreciate your time and read

              • Louis Gibbs

                A day for tributes to our moms, it seems, and this is a fine one, tepo! Well written and emotive.

                • tepo

                  thank you Louis
                  greatly appreciated

                • Santita

                  This is so beautiful, Stevie. Wonderful to read such a lovely tribute. Great rhyme & flow; as always :).

                  • tepo

                    appreciate your time and comment

                  • lasergraph

                    Loved the tribute. Great write.

                    • tepo

                      thank you sir
                      very much appreciate your read and comment

                    • squeakyfluff

                      a beautiful way to commemorate her. great as usual. Squeaky :)

                      • tepo

                        thank you squeaky
                        very much appreciated

                      • samreen Chowdhury

                        Beautifully written!

                        • tepo

                          thank you Samreen
                          very grateful for your time and comment

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