Samreen Chowdhury

Public transport -THE BUS. racism still exists.

Acknowledging the people around us Is like a game that’s impossible to win. the steaming from the engine shades your lungs in to darkness. 

Once people urge to go in and go out you feel consumed because the lights turn and off,you become termoil.

in isolation now, you look around andyour the only one holding onto the railings and searching for humans. You’ve turned into a vulnerable creature,

next stop. A tall man enters, he has  a husky voice, looking repressed and animalistic,it blurs your mind, you begin to gallop your saliva in and it stings. 

Historical facts are coming back, 19’s are being associated to today’s generation again. The “black” was never cast as “our people”. This women sits next to me, beautiful and dark skinned, she smiles and stares at my seat, struggling to stand she holds onto the rails and with fear she didn’t say a word.

 A disturbed souls, frightened to ask for help because of culture that apparently defines humanity, a woman who experienced many ruthless comments,who said racism ended? 



  • WL Schuett

    Very nice , such a problem still , each generation it does get better but , that's just too slow ....keep speaking out

  • Christina8

    Sad but great write! A lot of ignorance still left in the world. It affects me too. Don't know when it will stop. Thanks for sharing!

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