9 of Diamonds

Set her mind on fire
Just to raise some hell
Fill her with desire
She's under my spell
Come back with my girl
The lonely rebel yells

I was born a liar
Blink and you will miss
This gun aint for hire
I'm not who you think
Come back with my money
The lonely widow screams

Step back son
I'm not here to play
Try your luck
You'll feel my pain

You make love
While I'm getting laid
You take cheques
While im getting paid
Flap your gums
And I'll flick my blade
Your the 9 of diamonds
I'm the ace of spades



  • Louis Gibbs

    Well done enjoyable poem, Ed! If I might suggest a correction that caused me a distraction: The contraction of "you are" is you're, not "your". "Your" indicates possession. Hope you are not offended. Write on!

    • Edthepoet

      Thank you. Your hot on you're grammar I see... :D couldn't help myself.

      • Louis Gibbs

        Funny, Ed!

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