It's Time

It's time.

Time to trudge down that mossy corridor,
Nudging past countless
Maybe having the best day of their lives;
Or their worst.

Time to step into that earth-oriented classroom
And sit
At the long desk at the front.
Long enough for six
Yet empty, save for me.

Time to roll my pen across my
Fingers, as if I'm not
Silent, while the world carries on

Time to let my hair fall down
Across my paper face,
Although I usually
When it does that.

Time to tell myself that I can
Deal with this.
But while my hair can hide them from
The world,
It can't hide my
From myself.


  • FredPeyer

    A sad, but beautifully written poem, Y&N. Good flow and structure.
    But why the tears?

    • youngandnaive

      Thank you! This poem is just about a class I hate in school (hence the tears), nothing special haha

      • FredPeyer

        I remember hating geometry because I was not too good at it. So I spent extra time studying, got good, and guess what? Loved the class after that.

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