Autumn Bicycling

Notice of absence from Lawless
Time to catch up on my reading. I have 3 books to finish. I'm a slow reader, so I'll see y'all in a couple of years!

Tires spinning swiftly over pavement

Smooth revolutions of energized legs

Breathing in ripe autumn air

My pleasantly comfortable position recalled

Old velocipede still a perfect fit

Sonny boy by my side smiling ear to ear

His sparkling copper colored Raleigh humming 

My big red touring Koga whirring 

Leaves swirling upon a gentle breeze 

Striking, vibrant colors causing awe

Sunlight spritely dancing through the trees 

Glorious nature exposes her delight 

Miles roll away without effort 

The day's splendor cannot be grander 

My son and I bicycling together brings tears

of happiness to this aging weathered soul


  • FredPeyer

    Lawless, this poem is heartwarming, tender, beautifully written, and reminds me so much of a motorcycle trip I took with my two sons from San Francisco to Eureka and back. Two days, three guys, three bikes, supper and great evening at a brewery, holed up overnight in a cheap motel, talking way into the night. Beautiful! Never to be forgotten, just like your bicycle ride with your son. A cherished memory forever. Thank you for posting!

    • Lawless

      Oh yes, motorcycling. I have fond memories of riding around on the back of my brother's bike. We lived by Lake Erie and I'll never forget watching the waves as we sped along.

      Thanks for commenting and helping me remember the good times.

    • Louis Gibbs

      A beautiful and touching write, James. Nothing like special times with a son. I am so fortunate that mine lives close by and we share many such occasions. Good write!.

      • Lawless

        Thanks Louis, we are lucky to have sons to spend time with. Such a gift should never be forgotten.
        My daughter is now 25 and works 2 jobs. Unfortunately I do not see her enough. We are all so busy that sometimes we forget about what matters.

        • Louis Gibbs

          I know what you mean. My daughter is a teacher living out of state, and I don't get to see much of her. I relish the brief times we can get together.

        • Goldfinch60

          This is a wonderful poem, cycling with your son in nature is wonderful, I am not surprised it brought you to tears, it would me.

          • Lawless

            Thanks for the warm sentiments. I'm thinking about another ride today. The weather here in Colorado is gorgeous.

          • orchidee

            Good write and happy times James.

            • Lawless

              Thanks orchi, gotta enjoy fall before the snow falls.

            • Santita

              This is a lovely write, James. Excellent imagery to take me into this special memory of yours. Thank you for sharing.

              • Lawless

                Thanks Santi. I couldn't do justice to the emotions that I felt that day. It was very needed at a very low point.

              • rrodriguez

                This is an awesome poem and the pic looks good. God bless you my friend.

              • Lawless

                Thank you Roberto. This one is very special to me.

                Yup, that's me. I decided to stop hiding behind beer glasses and sunbeams.

                May God bless you as well my friend.

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