Joaquin Finn


Sitting across the table from you ,
I swear it was like seeing you for the first time ,
The conversation flowed the way it always does ;
You pick fun at me,
I giggle ,
You tell me I’m cute,
I tell you to do one.

But this time ,
Was different,
You were predictable.

When I told you the sun was blinding me and asked if you could sit slightly to the left...
You obviously sat to the right .

This time you were predictable
This time I wasn’t .

I didn’t expect to stare so long,
I didn’t expect to laugh so hard at you eating chicken like a cave man ,
I didn’t expect to roll my eyes so hard when you started eating off my plate ,
I didn’t expect to go on a date with you
It just happened .

I didn’t expect you to walk away when you did,
I didn’t want you to leave ,
I never do but this time was different,
When I looked back and you where behind me
I didn’t expect you to kiss me.

We’ve kissed before ..
But this time was different.

This time it meant something .
This time I changed
You’ve always been the same .

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