A Selfless Child

I am a fish that cannot swim,

I am a pool that prays to drink;

My heart is a vessel chained

And my lungs are docked and moored

For no breeze ruffles the sails

And the rudder does not roar.


I am the bird that sings for no one;

I am the tapping in the night

But when one looks out, I am the reflection staring back.

No one reads my face;

I am a figment of a dream,

That sleeps without a wake.

I am locked within my safe,

Where none can melt the wax

Even I have forgotten the code

Which trapped my fear and sealed my soul;

Where silent tears fall upon the earth

But no one hears them drown,

For their ears are filled with sounds,

Of selfish selfless worth.

If one does solve this secret,

All that will be left, are bones within a cage,

And a note that says, I have flown away.




  • Gary Edward Geraci

    You’ve taken effort to write a good biography about yourself...thank you! Your poem speaks to the discouraging confines of a person of above average reason locked within the rules and restrictions of an adolescent (of which I dare not disparage). However, you have undoubtedly discovered the transcendental quality that writing evokes upon the writer. Hence, the flying you write about can be interpreted as a manifestation of the freedom of being joyfully liberated from the otherwise, mundane lifestyle peculiar to a young woman your age. You are a gem, unique and brilliantly burning with clarity and potential, a gem that should be continuously polished my friend.

    • seeker123

      Thank you for your insightful comment! I'm glad you liked and understood my plyte to be understood. This poem is also about the general loss of innocence in a child, like when they first meet death which dramatically changes them forever, and influences the person they are currently.
      Thanks for Stopping By!

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