You make me hate my poetry

Now and then I write
Creative bents may steer my sight
I make a mess of what was right
and put it into words


And late at night i think
And mistake for depth what only sinks
through mucky murk of opaque stink
And makes my ego hurt


I'll read a thousand times
rewritten, all the same old lines
that try to give me what I'd find
In an inspiring verse


And when I'm on the verge
Of making something I find worth
Exposing what's so true it hurts
You make me feel the worst


  • Diamond

    Now this is some honest revelation. Enjoyed reading it. write, write, write on.

    • b-LAH-que

      Thanks, I appreciate your kind words and encouragrment. I was a little worried it was a bit too cynical to get much positive feedback, but what good is an expressive outlet without genuine honesty, good or bad? Thanks for the feedback.

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed

      • b-LAH-que

        Thank you, I appreciate the feedback and kind words.

        • Tony36


        • b-LAH-que

          Just revisiting this old poem and giving some public thoughts: This poem has more views than anything I've posted here by a looong stretch. It's weird, because I wrote this in less than like, three minutes with a very cynical attitude and gave it a title that tried to reflect that cynicism, not to mention a very simple construct. I was kind of being an overly-negative smartass, to be quite honest, and very intentionally so. Yet, the attention it garnered is vastly greater than any other piece I've written into which I've put what I felt was deep thought, creativity, imagination, feeling, honesty, originality, or feeling. I don't know if that says something about me as a writer, the audience viewing it, or what, but it certainly is a strange and intriguing thing to me. Anyone with any thoughts on it, I welcome you to share them.

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