Reality has packed it's bags

a wealth of riches swabbed in rags

the world becomes a much more daunting host

an amateur at fitting in

the uproar from a falling pin

a dragon chaser strung out on the coast

his blood lust rivals any leech

his agony way out of reach

of all the helping hands moved by concern

he turns his back and spits distain

graffiti  sprayed on lovers lane

a lesson he will never truly learn

his comfort comes in getting high

why would he walk when he can fly

the carefree feeling brings him such a rush

an avalanche from bitter rains

the wrap had kissed his throbbing veins

the voices in his head were told to hush

alas it never lasts for long

he's back singing his favorite song

i'll pay you back with interest help me out

he crashed to earth without a chute

reloads this time prepared to shoot

the temptress known as craving puffs her pout





  • Christina S

    This is really powerful stuff, Stevie! With hurt in every line....No matter how you are feeling you easily get your point across in rhyme. Hard to do for most! Feel better!

    • tepo

      thank you Christina
      im fine
      writing mostly from memory

    • Goldfinch60

      Such a strong wrote, I do hope the hurt come to an end.

      • tepo

        thank you Goldfinch
        all good
        appreciate your concern

      • Santita

        A powerful but such a well told situation! I could feel this write; the emotion was strongly conveyed. I actually saw 2 meanings to this piece, cleverly woven between lines. Thanks for sharing this excellent write, Stevie.

        • tepo

          ta Santita
          only 2 lol
          appreciate your read and comment

        • Candlewitch

          dear Stevie,

          chasing the dragon is a hard life. he disappears mid air and you crash land in a miserable reality. great duality in this poem!

          *hugs, Cat

          • tepo

            thanks Cat
            summed it up better than i did

          • squeakyfluff

            this was so intense. felt every line. the wrap line had me so on edge. Great write as usual tepo. :)

            • tepo

              thank you Squeaky
              your continued encouragement is much appreciated

            • Tony36

              Awesome write

              • tepo

                Thanks Tony
                a gent from day one
                appreciate it

                • Tony36


                • Hopey_xx

                  Amazing work tepo, really felt the emotion in this, thank you for sharing

                  • tepo

                    Thanks hopey
                    Top girl

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