Providence's Purpose

Dawn caresses the countryside, unfolding another day.

She sets the amber waves on fire as providence lights the way.

O’ Providence, your care and guidance and love for precious Dawn,

Bring freedom and calm to your children, and peace as the day is long.


Forests wake mossy and quiet, underground roots grow intertwined.

The foundation laid protects and hides the burrowing mole so blind.

In harmony, the wolf passes deer, silhouetted as the sun touches sky.  

Peace and comfort, lovely Dawn, leave your children idling by.


But Change glimmers in the morning air, locusts buzz across fruited plains.

A stirring begins in the dark shadows as Dawn loses her reign.

A man at a pulpit under halcyon skies, spotlighted in the blinding sun;  

Speaks ideals polluting the mountains majesty, and brings light to our divided one.   


Wolves and locusts swarm in meadows, howl and buzz in broad daylight.

Freed by the pulpit man’s message, predators no longer prey by night.  

Years fall away in outrage and shock, morality and values affronted;

The wolves surround the terrified deer, I see now she was always hunted.   


In his burrow the blind mole struggles, but finds his footing in the roots for strength.

The surface sun gives him direction, the foundation helps him climb the length.

Oh, Providence, through centuries of hardship, we thought this day was won.

The man shows us from the pulpit that the dawn of progress had just begun.


I ask forgiveness of the deer, I was blind and I chose silence.

A wolf is a wolf no matter the day, and I know now what to stand against.  

What Providence was too gentle to teach me, the man at the pulpit taught well.

Love is the gates of Heaven and hate is the pulpit to Hell.   


The wearied mole pops his head out. In the open he now sees the truth.

Glare and chaos bewilder him, but looking deep he finds strength in his roots.

Across the land boroughs empty; all colors, gender and creed.

Providence children, intertwine yourselves. Love reigns in the land of the free.


Twilight, we know you’re inevitable. At last, let’s win this day.

Noon is high and the burn is severe but I’m thankful for the rays.

Providence has a purpose, as painful as it may be.

We cannot stand and win against that which we do not see. 


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • steffanie

      Thank you! This is my first time posting and i really appreciate your comment.

      • Tony36


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