samreen Chowdhury

We let our Aunty go 👰🏻

This is it. This is the time when we let go of you and feel the struggle of your absence. The Aunty who kept me going in every difficult situation I was in, the Aunty who provided me when I couldn’t afford to myself. Today I still  wear what use to be yours and you’ve always said happily “whatever’s mine,it’s yours”. You was open to me and I shared my life with you like we was sisters like we was friends,there’s no other Aunty like you,and there never will be,no one can replace you. You changed my mood by boosting my confidence,telling me that I’m worth it and I shouldn’t listen to what people say. You played a role in raising me and it made a huge difference in my life, you held me when I was small, you made me laugh when I cried, you picked me up when I fell. You replaced mom everytime she wasn’t there. You showered your love to me and it was a blessing to have a Aunty like you who is lovable. All them times you let me dress up with your things, all them times you bought new clothes and let me try it on first, I’ll never forget it. Your one of a kind. You held my hand while I crossed the road with you when I was young. That one day I was with you and I seen dad so I ran to him and you thought I was missing, got you angry. You care just the way a mother does. The times when you took me out and made me experience the reality of life, the things that are out there to have fun and be free,you took me out of my comfort zone when I couldn’t do it my self. Sometimes you forced me to eat just like a mother would do,so I don’t get hungry. You spoke the truth when something was wrong and right. Sometimes I wish we could go back in time have the same moments again or even today with normality,but it’s not going to be the same. Your a beautiful person and already I miss the things we use to do and did. There is no Aunty out there who’d agree to get crazy with her niece,who’d dance all night to get the video right, who’d dress up to look nice. It’s hard to explain but this day is the biggest step of your life, things will change massively and there will be no time to mention it except we will only remember how it all use to be. Thankyou for being my Aunty.🥀


  • Lorna

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your aunt! Lovely.

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