Tears of Love


I cried so many nights because Someone else had your attention
Now my tears of Love overflow
And it’s me that you have chosen
Tears of Love flow freely,
They express what is in my heart
It isn’t sadness I feel, it’s gratitude, relief for a fresh start
Together we make our way in this world,
Sometimes hurt, sometimes broken
But with you by my side, my heart will never be frozen
Tears of Love are what I shed
They remind me how far we’ve come
Friends, engaged and married
And now we truly are one
Whatever happens, no matter what the world throws at us
Any storm we can weather
Tears of Love are really sweet,
Reminds me we’re together
So if you see me crying in a corner
It’s not that my heart is broken
It’s really quite the opposite,
It’s my heart that you have stolen
So thank you my dearest love for giving me a new lease on life
I am truly blessed and shed tears of Love
Because you are my wife


  • Christina8

    Very sweet poem! Well done. I agree in your authors notes that nothing in life worth keeping comes easy. I hope she liked your poem!

  • Accidental Poet

    So true petec, anything worthwhile in life is worth any efforts to obtain. And a love such as this is worth a lifetime of devotion. I too know this all too well. Great write and straight to my favs. ; )

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