The Little Things

Tris Eaton


There are some days
When I feel like life isn’t worth living
And I don’t see the point,
MY point,
For being here.


I know I can’t leave.
I’ve made promises
That I’m not going to break.
So I will sit and think
About all the little things.


Life’s little beauties that it offers.
Every little critter that scuttles through the grass.
Every blow of the breeze that dances through my hair,
Singing soft melodies in my ears.
Every single color I get to see painted in this world.


I think about the big things too.
Every lesson I have learned.
Every person who has affected my life.
Every person that I affect in my life.
Every single thing that has made me who I am.


These little things, though,
Are what make me really look and think
About why I shouldn’t leave this place
And the people that love me,
The people that truly love me.


I can escape, though,
Thinking about all the little, beautiful things.
Thinking about each little thing I want,
Each little thing I am going to get in the future.
I am going to make sure I have them


But first I need the big things I want:
My career,
A husband and a few kids,
A couple pets,
A house that is everything I dreamed of.


And now for the little things,
Things that don’t seem that important to most.
A bay window for me to sit and read in,
A pair of earbuds that will stay in my ears,
Short hair.


A bunch of swirly earrings from Hot topic,
Cat ear headband,
Frames for my posters,
A beautiful view whenever I want it,
A tree to climb and read it.


I know some of these are insignificant
Or just plain silly,
But for some strange reason,
I feel like they are important
Because it’s the little things in life that make you happy… Right?


Details are important,
Every artist knows that.
Every little turn and curve,
Every piece of the picture
Plays a part.


So why not think about the little details?
The “not so important” ones
And say to yourself “I WILL have these someday.”
The little details to what makes you happy.
Those details are what matter.


Never forget the little details,
But don’t miss the big picture.

  • Author: Tris Eaton (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 16th, 2017 10:05
  • Comment from author about the poem: Sometimes when you feel like nothing is going right just think of everything you want to happen that makes you happy.
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