Broader Horizons


i have strayed from the beaten path
too many times now to count.
its overgrown with crisp leaves and annoying  weeds and time stands still now.
I no longer hear the sound of clock
days become nights
and yesterday's have become years ago.
the wasted space in between is all that's left now.
the moment that the earth stops spinning
the ground moves the clouds shine and the sun shades.
the moment where ive realized everything is fake.
so I spin the kaleidoscope to see things in a different pattern
and live my life like tomorrow doesn't matter.
stand on the edge but I can't see beyond it.
nothing's there until I create it and I haven't even started.
its a series of fortunate accidents
a serendipitous occurrence of irrelevance.
nothing really matters on this holographic plane.
but if you think about it too much you just may go insane.
the box's limits are there to keep you from going astray
out where the secrets of life are whispered in space.
in between the cosmic universe and the stars and their astrological plays.
behind the curtains behind the veil
on the other side of heaven and hell
they take their bow,
from their man made masquerade
the applause was created to purposely disguise the final statement made
clap your hands folks
don't let them hear
 if they knew the truth then what would they fear.

  • Author: Aysha (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 16th, 2017 23:34
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 23

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