Slow The Time

All I want

In this moment,

While the fire is crackling

And we are drunk with ecstasy,

Is to pause the time.


The glistening moon beams down

Onto our radiant faces

As we laugh, hysterically

Over everything and nothing.


I wish I could snapshot this memory

And keep it close to my heart forever.

To remind me of the free spirit

I once was before the pressure

Of life kicked in.


There is a bittersweet scent lingering

In the smoky air tonight.

We know our evenings like this

Are numbered.

So, we clutch onto every second,

Hoping it slows the time

From slipping away.


None of us really know

How to say goodbye

And part ways

After all these years.


They say these are the times of our lives.

Who knew they could be so right?

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