The Creator


The rambles of crazy or creative mind?
The creator is here for tonight,
to have a word; I am blind.
he uses my hands like a puppet,
saying don't worry, unwind.
Pointing to what I seek
is what very few of us find.

When you look at me,
with those gorgeous eyes.
The creator lets me see
a world beyond the skies.
Where I can transcend
to where your heart lies.
Reminds me not to worry,
when my body dies.
For I'll meet you again
if you keep the butterflies.

I've looked into many false orbs,
trying to find the core.
Now I've found it,
my soul wants more.
I've been there before.
But for some reason,
the creator closed the door.
I guess it wasn't meant to be,
surely it's not the same
for you and me.
Through the looking glass
but now I'm free.

I don't even know you yet.
Yet my spirit believes,
It's no coincidence we met.
Tell me, do you believe in something?
We are in heaven. I bet.
The gods envy us,
we are in debt.
But my body,
is all they will get.
For my soul is bound to yours,
I won't let them close the doors.


  • squeakyfluff

    yea, I was trying something different, not my best poem. but I hope you liked it none the less 🙂 and thanks as usual 😀

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