Adrianna Kjeld

Dirty Dishes

Here are a few tips for you 
when you're leaning over a sink of dirty dishes, 
in a house that smells faintly of cat piss,  and loneliness. 

Say, It's Wednesday afternoon. 
You're walking to your own tune,  
but it's sombre and slow, absent of glow. 

But that's not the point... 
So, I heard you've got a sink full of dishes, 
you're depressed and on edge,  and lacking your britches. 

Take out each dish, like your sacred first stitches, 
be gentle and caring...for these are for food, 
run in some water, warm, steamy and soapy, 
Bloop in some plates and get rid of the gloopies. 

Only wash one to four at a time, 
don't mind the clock, it isn't a crime. 
You've got all the time in the day, 
so don't sweat it. 

Trust me stressing over the wet dishes ain't worth it, 
by the time your all done with em you'll wanna work it 
with some tunes, or go to dollar store and buy happy balloons. 

Little things can be stressful, 
take a step back and be self respectful. 
You can do it today, even when you're feeling restful. 


  • queer-with-a-pen

    I’m about to take an exam I forgot to study for in a class I don’t really understand. But this poem, man, it’s made me feel less crappy. Thank you.

    • Adrianna Kjeld

      Awe, I'm glad it helped. ^~^ Hope your exam went well.

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