David Neil

Making my mark

when I'm gone

will I be remembered

will people care,

did I make a difference

was the trip worth it


all the worry and hurt

and sorrow and anger,

then the love and forgiveness

joy and happiness


Did I make a difference

did I make a mark,

was I meant to be on earth

or did God make a mistake

and meant to send an angel

instead of me


For I didn't do much

I wasn't a world leader,

I didn't make any inventions,

I wasn't a star on screen,

I felt I was unseen on earth


all I did was live

with love in my heart

and send it out to people I'd meet


I'd send it to all the people on earth

to all the birds and the trees,

I'd send it out not knowing

where it would go


Did I make a difference

For i did,

through love that touches our hearts.

it's sometimes hard to see

what mark it makes

on people's lives


For God's power is awesome

for love

that's God's connection to us


Everyday God gives us power to use

how do you choose to use

God's power on Earth,

for i choose LOVE


  • orchidee

    A very fine birthday write, I see David. Good wishes! 🙂

  • David Neil

    Thank You

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