end of the week sessions

At the end of the week sessions, She (my therapist) asked me how I was doing?

I tried to explain to her that I feel like a fish attacked by the parasite tetrahymena. This parasite hijacks the fishes brain to make it swim to the surface. To which makes it a easy target to be eaten and picked apart by birds. 

I tried explaining that it feels like Im the fish. 

And instead of being attacked by a parasite, Im being attacked by my self. 


I also told her i write poetry. To which she asked me to share a piece with her.

I told her this one:

Even if my poems mean nothing to you right now, They will mean everything to you when I'm gone.


  • Christina8

    Oh Wow! Powerful stuff! Great first write. Thanks for sharing such a personal poem. Welcome to mps! I hope you write more for us to see. Please!

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