We All Fall At Some Point

We all fall at some point in our lives.
Everyone in the world.
The difference is that when you have Jesus, he is always there to keep you from hitting the ground.
Am I afraid to fall?
We all stumble at some point in our life.
Am I afraid to set foot out of my comfort zone.
If I take a new job, will I just get fired.
If I get in a relationship, will it be with the wrong women.
Where is life outside of social media?
Only in Christ.
Who do I trust?
I cannot answer that because I am not sure if I trust you.
Can I keep my life, and maintain a relationship?
If I maintain a relationship will it be taking away from my life?
Sometimes I get lonely.
Will I die alone,
or will I die lonely.
Patience is fickle but necessary virtue.
Because patience says a lot.
Sometimes we fall,
but the trick is to make sure your shoes are tied in a knot before you get back up?

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