Tears of Broken Promise

Wrapped in serrated velour of broken promise
A swollen candor-filled tear staggers
Threatening to unsettle & devastate
To cut like a sharp knife then dissipate


Collapsing down a despairing course
Slowly carving a grim serpentine path
Free from the temple of prides confines
With jagged claws it gruelingly declines


Followed by a dire heartbreaking flood
That protrudes with spears of lurid truths
Fermented in profuse wisps of torment
& staining a haunting trail of lament






  • Michael Edwards

    Oh the torment of it - so well written Santita

    • Santita

      Thank you, Michael, much appreciated :)

    • orchidee

      Oh woe, you've written about me. KP broke her promise that she would never marry me! heehee.

      • Santita

        LOL. You two were meant to be!

        • orchidee

          Boo hoo. plenty of tears here. And not tears of joy, I can tell you that! Things can only get worse! lol.

        • Fay Slimm

          A first class write with outstanding imagery - - the tear preluding a flood and described so well Santita.

          • Santita

            Thank you, Fay. Always grateful for your thoughtful comments!

          • Christina8

            Despair and torment so well described, Santita---your imagery always so incredible!

            • Santita

              Thanks, Christina! Been really working on imagery; glad you noticed :)

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks for caring and sharing SANTITA ~ We can all empathise (in my case form the past) with the depth of joylessness and despair you have shared with us today. Take heart CAR MIA it will pass ~ Thinking of you as always. Wherever you are PRECIOSA en Vida o Amor ~ T'Amo siempre ~ Besos y Abrazos tu Amigo Verdad BRIAN XOXOX Por Favor Amiga Mia ~ Please check my Poem and my latest Fusion on FILMS ~ Mucho Gracias B. XOX

              • Santita

                Thank you for all of the support, B. I am well, just poetic expression :) thanks for the reading & comments *abrazos* S

              • Louis Gibbs

                This is a true beauty, Santi! Beautiful imagery and exquisite word choice. The single tear that precedes the dam-burst. Kudos!

                • Santita

                  Aw thanks, Louis! Thank you for seeing the beauty in this!

                • myself and me

                  The words were perfectly arranged, the feeling was so deep and vividly represented. Superb.

                  • Santita

                    thanks for all of your support M&M, always very appreciated :)

                  • rrodriguez

                    Well done! You're poetry is elevating to a higher plane. Enjoyed it.

                    • Santita

                      Gracias, Roberto! I appreciate your reading & commenting very much.

                      • rrodriguez

                        Yes, well done! Your poetry is elevating to a higher plane.

                      • Simple-Man87

                        Wow. You are on a different level with your vocabulary. So smart. Every word, used correctly and placed with precision. Very well done.

                        • Santita

                          thank you, dear. Appreciate all the support you give my poems.

                        • dusk arising

                          All those euphamisms.... say what you mean girl !!!

                          I'd hate to think i understand and get it completely wrong.

                          There was a young gal from the west
                          Who kept carvings of a sheep up her vest
                          It was all such a sham
                          For the sheep was a ram
                          Do i really have to explain the rest?

                          • Santita

                            I did say what I meant. If you need help understanding some of the more complex words; go to, it should help you immensely!


                            • dusk arising

                              You are better than being held back by old style of yesterdays poets hun.

                            • Mugsdaddy

                              Another amazing piece but it sounds like you are sad and broken, I think it's time for you to write about "Fuzzy Bunnies".

                              • Mugsdaddy

                                Not those kind of bunnies. lol

                                • Santita

                                  LOL Out, sounds like a great idea!

                                  Thank you, Mugsy, for reading & commenting!

                                • skyebellasario

                                  Another wonderful piece Santi! How do you do it :)

                                  • Santita

                                    Thank you, sweet Skye!

                                  • FredPeyer

                                    Wow, Santita, this poem is the wow factor personified! 'fermented in profuse wisps of torment', 'staining a haunting trail of lament', 'swollen candor filled tears'....your word choices are incredible.

                                    • Santita

                                      Fred, thanks for your awesome comment & telling me what you liked about this piece. Much appreciated. You made my day (again lol) !

                                    • WL Schuett

                                      Very high art

                                      • Santita

                                        Your visits are treasured, thank you, Bill!

                                      • LukeCoomer

                                        Santi, you are on fire 🔥

                                        • Santita

                                          lol thank you, Luke!

                                        • olivergreenwood19

                                          This is insanely good! I thoroughly enjoyed how powerful your words and imagery was. Great write

                                          • Santita

                                            Thank you very much, Oliver. Happy you liked it!

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