Ice man



Do you think what you say doesn’t hurt
Because i'm here to tell you it does
Your words are like a hot knife
Piercing deeper and deeper with each sentence
You think you can say anything through a screen
But in reality you're just a coward
Who doesn't like confrontation
Or that's what I thought
When confronted you all of a sudden
Rely on your fists instead of words
I never thought I would miss your harsh words
And instead of walking away with reassurance
Like I had hopped
I walk away all bloody and hurt
It's like you're holding my life in your hands
And you smother me in them
So maybe i should take my life
Would that make you happy
Would that make things alright
Of course it would but
Reading this may be your next victim
And i'm here to tell you something so listen up
Don't fall for those icy blue eyes
Or that chocolate brown hair
Because all that will come out of it
Is you meeting your lord and savior
Speaking as a person hurt by him
Im ready
For god to take my sole
To the place where
I may speak no words
Trust me
You dont wanna be like me
Life is a beautiful thing
That you should never want to end
But i do
I want it to end
I just want to be forgotten


  • Christina8

    Welcome to MPS. This is a really powerful but sad first write. Your last line speaks volumes. A lot of us have overcome abuse at some point in our lives, but we are a great community that helps each other. Please, don't give in to the abuse! Would like to read more of your poems.

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