My Super Sweet 16


My Super Sweet 16

I'm back at it again
Bleeding from the small end
Of my ink pen
In need of a friend
Not one that's pretend
Who only lives in my head
Sick and tired
Of walking on this wire
With all I desire
Sitting within reach but I ascend higher and higher
I'm shaking like a washing machine my head spinning like a dryer
Too hot like a marshmallow over a camp fire
I may be having a panic attack, but who knows
I juggle like a jester in front of the iron throne
You can judge, but I'm casting the first stone
Through your bedroom window, I'm going inside your home
With KFC fingers touching everything you own
I'm missing a few pieces, like a yard sale puzzle
But I'm like young wicked, I got that killer hustle
Like you all I'm a slave to the struggle
But unlike a seatbelt I'll never buckle
And you can go on and continue the hating
I still got that class, on blast like I'm whitney Peyton
And I'm climbing my grind while your steady waiting
But I fly like a faygo after it's been a shaking
And all of my time I'd like you to quit waisting
Before we find ourselves in a cutthroat situation
I'm just dedicated to living my dream
If you like this here, then come join my team
And watch haters drop when I blow off some steam
And hulk right out and bust out a seam
Please welcome all to my super sweet 16
LukeCoomer ©


  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 22nd, 2017 09:48
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Joseph M Marion

    Love the way you write and poems really good I like to add as friend if u like be cool

  • Laura🌻

    Blow off all the steam you want. I’m on your team!
    A Metaphorically pleasing read!
    Great write!

  • orchidee

    Good write Luke.

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