The Unpredictable Sideđź’«

Those sly sneaky people will make you speechless in the deceitful beginning 

Eventually they'll have you carelessly grinning 

I guarantee you that you'll know your special worthiness

And conclude you're unique to all the surrounding fakeness

Always constantly remind yourself how can you fully trust anyone 

If only people like that, were burning inside out, right now on the blazing sun

Why waste your precious time?

Why put in all your effort?

Even though deep in your vunerable heart, you realise it's so not worth it WHAT SO EVER

You come to an infuriating realization that 

Youre too fucking kind•

You get too fucking attached •

BUT you just can't fucking help it•

You have a heart bursting with such purity and kindness

I assure you that I'm the type of girl to be treated like your Highness

As if my irreplaceable heart is relaxing on a throne that's been delicately constructed with Envious Emeralds & Sophisticated Sapphires

And along with that The Heart is carefully crowned with Deadly Diamonds

All protected in a circle of wildfires.

That goes for every loyal person out there

But a Fuck You to the rest of the fake&useless people•





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