I am Legion A LukeCoomer & Santi Co-Write

I awake with so much joy vigor

A fresh new day to rise and concur

A few adjustments in the mirror

My inner radiance becomes much clearer

Nothing at all can hold me back

I'm going far beyond the track

I'm just so happy to be alive

I must show the world that I arrived


I break out in crazed feverish laughter

Complete domination is what I'm after

Overwhelmed with excitement I start to plan

To take over the world & hold it in my hand

A million thoughts careen around my head

Unable to remain still; I bounce on the bed

I can feel the blood pumping in my veins

It is finally going to be my time to reign


Man I'm so fresh, I'm sexy and hot

I'm gonna get someone inside me like it or not

I'm hitting the bar and finding a man

And getting so drunk I can't even stand

And while I'm pretending to care what he thinks

I'm slipping a pill into his drink

And when I get him back to my house

I chain him up in the basement he'll never get out


 I want to swim in a sea of delicious candy

I’ve been such a good boy; truly I’ve been dandy

Now they say I can’t go outdoors to have fun & play

Stomping my feet, “you’re not my friend” to them I say

Having to go to sleep so early; that's not my choice

I scream my anger, but they don't listen to my voice

All I want is to eat candy & play at the playground

Being this small is no fun; I’m always bossed around


 The world is so big my heads spinning around

Afraid if I go out side I will freak out and drowned

I don't love me why would anyone else

I can't even move I'm afraid I will melt

But inside these walls they close in on me

When I notice someone out the window they just stare intently

I'm just gonna lay here holding this knife

I'll write my name on my skin, who knows it might take my life


Sharpening my knives I prepare to quickly slice

Cutting into soft flesh; I’ve perfected the dice

The smell of fresh skin is a gift to the air

I enrich the mood with this cutting affair

The flow of crimson bloods begins to pour

Beautiful dark drips fall down to the floor

The sight of it all gives me a great thrill

But I am just a butcher with sharp skills


  There is a brewing storm that rages within

So many personalities beneath this skin

A constant battle for the eternal spotlight

Who knows which one of us will prevail tonight



    Quite a ride. It was fun to read.


    • LukeCoomer

      Thank you! It was fun!

    • Laura

      Santi and Luke,
      A phenomenal collaboration!
      The constant struggle of colliding forces!

      The last two lines say it best for me...

      Awesome artwork!

      • LukeCoomer

        Thanks Laura!

      • Fay Slimm

        An amazing result of a powerful co-write together with excellent artwork too - bravo to you twol

        • LukeCoomer

          I appreciate you all so much and I know Santi does too!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks SANTITA & LUKE ~ Collabs are FUN this one broke the mould ! Thanks for the warning about being Locked in the Cellar ~ I'll attempt not to sail too close to the WIND ! Yours as ever BRIAN

          • LukeCoomer

            Your right they are fun I love stretching my talent out to comment with brilliant minds!!

          • Christina8

            Great artwork. Awesome write you two, Luke and Santi! Quite the read!

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            wow,loved it !

          • LukeCoomer

            I loved this so much thank you all for having me and especially thank you Santi for meeting me in cyberspace and having me be a part of your great idea!!
            So honored!!

            • Santita

              You're a pleasure to write with; very easy going & talented. Glad you liked the idea; thanks for asking me to co-write with you! It was fun! Thanks for responding to the comments - Santi

              Thank you everyone for reading & commenting!!

            • Goldfinch60

              Very powerful write the both of you, I wonder which one will prevail tonight.

              • Santita

                Thanks, Goldie!

              • WL Schuett

                Deep and dark , very interesting . Cool 😎 artwork

                • Santita

                  Thanks, Bill! Always a pleasure, my friend :)

                • Av

                  This was a very unique sensually twisted and in parts cleverly humorous and dark write. Like going into different rooms of many minds..reminds me of Clive Barkers work...this was a fun and fantastic ride. Great work both of you

                  • Santita

                    Yes, you understood the different parts; happy to read this comment. Thank you, AV!

                  • FredPeyer

                    Reading this I felt as if I was riding a roller-coaster! One thing I learned though: Anytime I am in a bar I will be watching my drink like a hawk!!! :-)

                  • Shadowbox15

                    The ending kinda scared me. It was so COOL!!

                    • Santita

                      Thank you so much! We had fun writing it.

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