By: Hunter Christian


I am a pestilence
I am an army of one
I am Mother Nature's bastard son
I kill without reproach
I kill, I've killed, I’ll kill again
I am the resilience of the cockroach
I am the embodiment of original sin

I devour
I am the sands
I am the hours
I am the glass
I am the future
I am the past

I am the scourge
I am the vermin
I am the pathogen you want to purge
I am the sermon
I am the preacher
I am the teacher
I am the hunter
I am the gun
I am the sky
I am the stars, the moon, the sun

I am God
I wear no mask
I am the firing squad
I am the question you long to ask
I lie in wait
I seal your fate
I am the meek
I am the solace you seek
I am the night
I am the day
I am your sight
I am for whom you pray

I am the murky pond's dragonfly
I am the darkening clouds
I am the sky
I am the lightning
I am the rain
I am all that's frightening
I am the blood in your veins
I am the snow on ice-capped mountains
I am your reliever of pain
I am antiquity's marble fountains

I am your conscience
I am the whisper in your ear
I am death’s rattle
I am the requiem you dread to hear
I am the battle
I am the war
I am the john
I am the whore
I am the parasite
I burrow deeply into your blood
I am the flea as I am its bite

I am the love
I am the tainted kiss
I wash over you like a flood
I am the feeling something's amiss
I am the bullet
I am the hit list
I am the assassin
I am the shadow you're endlessly passing

I am you you see
I am the man
I am the woman
I am all that you believe

I am your reflection
I am you and you are she
I am she and you are he
I am the shape in the mirror
Looking back at you
Looking back at me



  • LaurašŸŒ»

    Wow...thatā€™s some list!
    You are everything I see.
    You havenā€™t missed much!
    Nice pic to accompany your
    I list poem!

  • josh_hayeslip

    Chills down my back, ā€œI am the snow on ice-capped mountainsā€ very well written, simple yet in awe of the depth of the words and the underlying meaning on the page!

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