So you want to ride the waves of the Milky Way
Don't let me hold you back
Reach for the stars, my boy
Go ahead and forge your own path

You’re already the captain of the ship in my heart
I'm proud no matter what you do
So proud in fact, it's awesome
When I grow up, I want to be you!

Just make sure when you become an astronaut
Come tell your old man about your adventures in space
I don't need you lost out there
I don't want you to vanish without a trace

So when you’re flying past Earth like a comet
Out there all curious and brave
Don't forget your dad’s chained to this rock
Look down lovingly and give me a wave

I know this world is too small to contain your spirit
And it's hard letting you grow up and go
But I support your galaxy quest vision
And I love you and want you to know!

So while you’re out there being Superman in a foreign land
Don't forget to remember you can get hurt
And if you find some sort of alien gift shop
Be a good sport and buy your old man a t-shirt

LukeCoomer ©

  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2017 07:52
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • orchidee

    Good write Luke. He should get a move on. I'm eating the universe - galaxy, milky way. Yummy! lol.

    • LukeCoomer

      Well just save some for him to explore he's only 9 and I'm not ready for him to go yet lol

    • LaurašŸŒ»

      I enjoyed this read tremendously!
      As a mom, I can relate to it. Itā€™s difficult and painful to let our children go! But then I think ...if we gave them wings to fly, we have to let them go and hope for the best!
      Your poem has touched me and is pulling at my heartstrings! Thank you for the gift! Your illustration is heavenly! This is definitely a favorite that I will definitely share ... with my children!
      I couldnā€™t write a better one! Kudos to you my friend!

    • LukeCoomer

      Wow Laura!, I'm honored this poem effected you in such a way! I figure it's a win when I write something that invokes an emotional response of any kind.
      My son liked it but I don't think he fully understood what I was saying to him in it, maybe he will appreciate it a lot more when he's older
      Thank you so much and I hope your kids like it too

    • Louis Gibbs

      I love this one, Luke, and can relate as the father of a son of whom I'm so proud. Well done, Sir!

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ah - such a warm message to a well loved son - with a Dad like this I should think the lad will not stay long away from that rock his loving papa is chained to. A delightful read about letting go what my Gran called the apron strings.

    • LukeCoomer

      Thank you I'm so happy so many people like it! I couldn't wait to be able to post to mps again for this one because I get so much love here!

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