A.C Doomcraft

The Shadow

Pustulating in my very core
I see it when I close my eyes
It oozes from inside my skull
Enveloping my every side

It's sludgy embrace
Dense and musty
clinging to my inhibitions
Suffocating better memories
Annexing my decisions

It knows my most irrational fears
And drags me to its darkest realms
All my conceptions are infected
Abhorrent is its taste it's smell

It creeks around my deepest regrets
Drawing my attention evermore
It slithers through my hopes and dreams
And melts them into pussing sores

Nobody else can see it
It hides behind my plastic smile
Whispering inside my ear

"You will never lead a fulfilling life
So slice your veins you vile wretch
You'll never be the one you wish to be
As long as I infest your mind
You are but a shadow of me"

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