Who's at fault?

Who's at fault?

You or I,

May be I,being effervescent,

or you ignited;

Or I bushy tailed,you babbling;

Or I over-tactful,

You,puerile and babyish,or I

Wating to prove same.


Well, I judge both.

for you din't return;and once i mused it's vain to wait...

For time is thief; and I was fishing!

Then too late to move,but still done.

Only to realise ,

'I craved to enplane long gone!'

It was too bare ,for you left.

Or ,it was me 'hallucinating'

well,for then i knew none.

and there I fixed my mind

"let it go",

Only to bounce,to requite wrong.

Was it ideal?I doubt.

Then to engulf sea of grief.


No,I am at fault!

and in dark i remain 'how to apologise'


So I write..

for life i remember this hour of drama...

Now ,

after all,

Not as a tragedy,but tragicomedy!

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