Lets leave, this town is suffocating.

Let's leave, to the sea where

We'll lay out on the sand 

Each grain a memory we've crafted

Shaped, delicately formed and 

Roughly, tightly clutched close 

Like your body. As if

They were about to float away 

In the wind of life. 

We were tissue paper, so easily

Ripped open on Christmas. 

The waves will lap at our legs, 

Like the dogs at 2am

While we make tea and sneak for a walk

Around the town's and cities along

Our chests, stomachs, thighs, lips, hips, necks.

The sun will shine all 

Year long with that smile. 

You make the world turn

With a roll of your green eyes.

So let's leave, and go everywhere.





  • M.E.M.

    I left free while reading this

  • Dakota

    This made my heart smile. Most excellent my dude ✊✊

    • Dear--JaneDoe

      Haha, thank you so much that means everything :)

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