Forever Curled

I am the rubble of yesterday’s mistake, 
The potential, the promise so great. 


I am the seed from which oak trees grow, 
One of hundreds that they sow. 


You are the star that lights my sky, 
My reason to be, my why. 


I see you not now, not even then, 
All I know is the fact, not the when. 


You will be my life long love, 
And my getting to you will be so tough.


It will be passion, anger and disgrace, 
But my eyes will stream when I see your face. 


I have longed for you since the day I was born, 
To your well being, my heart was sworn. 


You are not a lover, a friend, a foe, 
You are my child, only this I know. 


There will be no other in my world, 
Your soul, around which I’m curled.


I can hear you, crying in the dark, 
Each unshed tear a stab to my heart. 


For though I love you with each strangled breath,
Before I could give you life, my body gave you death.


I know not your touch, your soft embrace, 
But at every though, my heart does race. 


I am sorry, my little lost lamb, 
I cannot help you, my body I damn. 


The saddest thing to ever say, 
Is there was a child lost today.


  • Verta

    Painfully beautiful.

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