What I Do By Myself, What I Can Do With Others

What do I by myself?
What can I do by myself?
I often ask myself.
Not because I am lazy do I often rely on others,
but because I must.
Oh how it pains me to often rely on others.
How I wish I could work.
How I want to work.
I cry to Jesus when I am by myself sometimes.
I do not do it out of self-pity
Sometimes I do.
However, I cry more out of pity for others.
Still the things I do by myself are the simple following:
I am building my own Library for one.
If I must, I cook for myself, my nieces and nephew.
I build DIY projects around the house.
There are even two small books that wrote and had published.
The list goes on.
Do not be mistaken.
I do expect anything from anyone.
There is a fair amount of experience under my belt.
yet still, I cannot drive.
No matter how many times I tryed I cannot work.
Even staying in the sun can be a hinderence.
Still the list goes on.
I thank the Lord He put people in my life to help me.
Yet, I cannot figure why He blessed me with seizurs.

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