Sumon the Refugee

My life may sound incredible
but it's all I've known, or seen
the camp cultivated this tarnished soul,
that I can now afford to clean.

I ponder the dearth of my former life.
where a dollar made a man rich.
still in the dark in my American home,
with no hope to find the switch.

Still trapped in my mind after 5 years,
I can't seem to make a friend.
they send me to therapy every week, 
though my soul is too broken to mend.

My thoughts don't float to Nepal 
because the camp wasn't home to me.
I don't exist they told me once,
I fight it, but can't disagree.

13 years no bread, just rice
I stole, I cheated, I thrived?
My life would have continued this way 
until at last, in camp, I died.

13 years of sharp solitude
diminished my stature and call.
though still lonely, I carve my path
because I once had no path at all.


  • Verta

    Very deep. Hopefully he's found his path to a better tomorrow

  • Laura🌻

    The hope is HOPE itself!
    He’s optimistic and hopeful.
    He will carve a better path
    to a better tomorrow!
    Love and prayers are with him!

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