Good will become Bad, and Bad will become Good


We live our lives with this inevitable fate, some think it’s true while others think it’s fake, different people with different views, a rough timeline of teaching things askewed.

Erm, dunno what to add really
Some musings...
Well, I don't agree with it
That good will become bad
And bad will become good
Yet - is it possible to be TOO good?
When does it become self-righteousness?
And I can't see how dark is good
In helping to show up light
Would the light be there anyway
If there was no dark?
Bit like - a fig tree can't produce apples
And vice versa.
I mean a spade is a spade
Whether it's in the garden
Or in a pack of cards!
Enough now, methinks!
Ya knows too much thinking gives me (and you?) a headache! heehee.

The divergence ubiquitous; a dichotomy
of societal constraints and restraint,
the societal constructs that lay,
within ever-changing social mores,
that reflect accepted morality of the day,
some steadfastly remain, while others,
lost of its usefulness, inevitably fade,
passed down, from fathers and mothers,
to sisters and brothers, these evolving
life rules, at home, at work, at school,
those who believe in doctrine centuries old,
perpetuate apathy while epitomizing the fool,
ignorance abound, social engineering encourages
us all, to do as were told

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