A.C Doomcraft

Forgotten Epiphanies

A sprinkling of fairy dust
For the proletariate
Provides respite from reality

A thousand fathoms deep
In the chasm sleeping, 
Scattered dreams once held
In high esteem like the Nazerene,
Are Laying dormant like a flaccid penis

They rise up like a mass impeachment
provide a better feeling
than a stabbing in the heat of passion screaming, split second vanish in a flash like houdini

the tattered rags of satin sheets, 
left hooked like a salmon snatched Savagely from the placid stream

The kraken is famished And demands another sacrafice, Andromeda chained up on a platter facing the afterlife

paradise isnt half as nice when you have to pay the price, The rush hits the veins Mind state raised an appetite

Give a fuck!

thoughts flood into The mindspace hydrating chambers With flavours you'll never try again

Defiant statements with fantastical Arrangements line the brain, like "Why are they denying me This basic human right to touch the Sky and taste it?"
spark wasted a synapse flash inside a brain cascading

Silent transit,
Marianas challenger has a sole inhabitant,
A ghost in a shell transcending humanity

An Android army of systematic
system addicts
self induced slavery
so content inside the paddock

tasteless like shark fin
we're craven no heart
fading wasted like shaman
degrading like parchment

abandoned by gods and our leaders cause carnage, so what do we have But to fade into marvelous painless Mirage when we alter our conciousness?

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