Touch of Madness


Touch of Madness

I'm not saying I'm brilliant, but I know I've had more than a few good ideas
And they say genius and madness walk hand in hand
The more I bleed my heart and soul onto these pages
The more of the real me I start to understand
Like I realize my fathers death when I was only four
Traumatized me beyond conceivable hurt
And the fact that I've lived longer than him
Has only seemed to amplify it and make it worse
I've noticed I like to put on a show
Demand attention like a clown
Tell jokes and make people laugh
But in reality I'm just covering up that I'm breaking down
I like playing games and comic books
So I can pretend I'm the hero I want to be
I put my self down, make my self The butt of the joke
So I feel like they are laughing with me and not at me
I put every ounce of my heart into everything I do
And it just ends up on my sleeve
I naively keep sharing my thoughts
Like any one even cares what I think
I'm afraid I'm doing more damage to my son
Because he can see the wreck I am
I wish I was the example
To show him how to be a man
I'm only writing this now because I have no one to talk to
And I'm trying to clear my head
But it seems the madness crept in
And I'm reflecting on my failure instead

LukeCoomer ©


  • Louis Gibbs

    Nothing more therapeutic than letting it all out in a poem, Luke. Keep writing, my friend.

    • LukeCoomer

      Exactly, thank you!

    • Laura🌻

      Your writings and artwork
      show us how gifted you are!
      I could never write
      as well as you do...
      ...and your artwork...
      I wouldn’t even attempt it!
      You can reflect...
      but then leave the dark!
      Go toward that ray of light...
      YOUR SON!
      He is your LIGHT!
      It’s a difficult journey...
      I will admit!
      Do it! Do it all for HIM!

      • LukeCoomer

        Thank you so much!!
        The light is easiest to see when your standing in the dark

      • orchidee

        I could do the same at times, with my daftness, and some madcap-style poems - when I'm not singing me hymn-poems, that is!
        I went barmy ages ago! lol. But seriously - we might all kick ourselves around the floor as rubbish at times (on a bad hair day?!). But you're a 'good man'. A phrase that's sometimes just said, but it makes me feel warm inside if someone says it to me!

        • orchidee

          Yes, Santita, but me days are numbered! I shall turn into a mad fool after the wedding! heehee.

        • A.C Doomcraft

          Really moving
          I'm not a father myself
          But this really hit me
          I respect your openness

        • WL Schuett

          A very formidable write , sons love their Fathers be the best you can be for him and it will be alright , nobody just knows how to be a Father , just be the Father you wish you had ....

        • Fay Slimm.

          Writing it our is a good way to clear the head Luke - - a son usually admires his Dad more when he is shown that no one is perfect on this earth.... I like the one line at a time style used in this cry in the wilderness - keep that ink flowing my friend.

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