What Can I Do

Tia Davis/テイア

What Can I Do

What do you mean what can I do 

I can do anything 

Anything I believe in

Anything I put my heart too I can do 

No matter what age I am 

I can do it 


What can I do that"s funny because I can do a lot

So much good in one day 

I can do that 

Help people remember people who are forgotten but not meant to be forgotten 

I can do that 

Support an awareness 

I Can Do That 

No matter what size I am


No matter how tall you think I stand

What age I am

I can do It

Don't doubt me


Don't judge me 

Don"t even look at me until you get your eyes checked 

Because I Stand Tall

I do what I need to do 

I do what I believe in 

So Step Away 

And You don't have to wait

Wait until I think about the words you say

Saying I can't


I can't 

I know I can so don't waste your time waiting 

Because you will be waiting for an awfully long time

What I'm Doing Now

What I'm changing At My School Now

To keep people aware of suicide 

To make A different


Yes me

I was waiting for a sign 

I Got It 

I'm finding people to tell a speech so they can remember a face we have all seen

So they can know he was hurt people hurt we need to stop and think

Stop people from bleeding eternity

Stop bleeding and start healing 

Yeah that's me I'm at the beginning planning my ending

*soft laughs*

What Can I Do


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  • Author: Tia Davis/テイア (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 26th, 2017 11:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: tells you how confident I feel about myself maybe you should try too
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  • Simple-Man87

    Great message. I love how you express how much you care. Your words are sharp, but sweet. Very well done.

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