Confused kid

Be Chosen

Crossed the barren lands and slayed every obstacle
Many trials I overcame, to find myself in the presence of a divine oracle
I fought hard, never forgetting my goal but this meeting took a real miracle
Upon all I faced the goddess found me unworthy, so with words I tried to be lucky

What I seek is a drug, so strong it confuses the best senses
A craving so strong, its seen as passion and rejuvenates the soul like a vitality portion
The pain is its so hard to find, with no means of synthetic creation
So many believe it doesn't exist and believe its search is a fable and distraction 

Foolish mortal you know nothing, to call it a drug shows your nativity and oblivion 
Walk away now as I pity your stupidity, before I make you taste desolation
But goddess I'm a deep addict, addicted to its feeling and emotion
I tasted it once but lost it, even now it haunts me. I need my medication 

The search for it has killed many men and made some fall in despair 
Withdrawn from society unable to fill the void from losing something so rare
But I am stubborn and ready to find it again, even if my search is in vain
I shall try again and again, until my heart cannot beat again

Foolish mortal you knew its value and like the others you still lost it
Clearly you should forfeit and learn to live your life without it
Your battles are legendary and woo women, woo some and fun
I don't want that it doesn't meet my needs, on the rise of the sun they are gone

I want an equal who chose me as I chose her because I cannot woo forever
Whose seen my flaws and accepts me as I have accepted her
That can last, even after youth has past
Nothing real, can always be sweet and I am addicted to real

Mortal you seem sure of what you want then why have you done so much to see me
I came to make you mine, I chose you and came here hoping you would do the same
Mortal is this a game or have you gone insane, when you had the chance you should have ran
But goddess what love can be as true and honest as when a goddess chooses a mortal man

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