A.C Doomcraft

Répondez S\\\'il Vous Plait

Swathing scribbles with pompous
Drivel, they spout it out pretentiously
These pseudo sophist poets pat each other on the back

for thier emotionally lacking Literature
Excites them all quite fervently
They all fall prey to flattery
For Tempering they lack

all begging recognition
Gratifying efforts made
Comments on thier eloquence
Répondez S'il Vous Plait

Has this been self reflection?
I'm feeling vulnerable today
If anyone is out there
Répondez S'il Vous Plait


  • Laura🌻

    Je suis ici. Je réponds.
    Vous demandez sì cela a été
    une rèflexion de soi;
    il peut être interprété comme tel.

    Loved the poem!

    • A.C Doomcraft

      Haha thanks I don't actually speak French I just wanted the poem to be a bit pretentious 🙂 I google translated what you said thanks for responding

      • Laura🌻

        I almost didn’t respond in French. Lol
        I was a bit apprehensive because
        my French is not terrific! I’m not fluent in French, but I can have a decent conversation!

      • FredPeyer

        A.C., you hit the nail on the head. Writing is a lonely business, especially poetry! If not for this site, I would be the only one reading my scribbles. So yes, yes, yes, we are all looking for recognition and gladly accept a few kind words! Nothing wrong with that! 🙂
        Ton poeme est magnifique! (For you one only language guys: Your poem is magnificent)
        Thanks A.C., you made my day!

        • A.C Doomcraft

          Thank you you've also made my day I'm glad you like it. We are social animals it's all humans want is to be loved 🙂 have a great one

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